Seller Resources

Are you looking to sell your home? Eagle Cap realty is here to help! We offer Complimentary Home Evaluations for an accurate look at what your home is worth.

We are highly experienced in the Northeastern Oregon market, and provide a better valuation estimate through actual sales data from the local market. If you will give us the information on your home and let us look at it, you’ll receive:

  • A market report of similar homes to yours in your neighborhood that have recently sold.
  • Full property details and photos, as well as prices of what they were listed at and actually sold for.
  • Our interpretation of the current market for homes like yours, near yours, and in your home’s price range.

Best Season to Sell

Conventional wisdom dictates that spring is the best time to sell a home.

In spring, the new school year is still a while away, and gardens and other outdoor spaces tend to look their best.

And while spring is the season that sees the largest amount of buyers, it’s also the season when inventories are highest.

This means lots of competition, so if you’re going to sell in spring, you really need to get your property to stand out with effective marketing and staging.

Best Day for Listing

According to research, Thursday is the best day of the week to list your home for sale.

By listing your home for sale on a Thursday, you can make it available immediately for weekend showings.

Come Saturday – the busiest day for real estate – your home will have only been on sale for two days, which is great for attracting full-price offers.

In general, the shorter amount of time your home remains on the market, the higher the offer you’ll receive.